BuGsGuy (Total Bounty: $3030)

Hello there. We are a Korean bug bounty team focused on bug bounty. What is bug bounty..? A bug bounty is a system that rewards white hats for discovering vulnerabilities or bugs by hacking a company's services or products. Companies can apply security patches quickly through the bug bounty. However, Korea is not yet positive about these systems. We are very dissatisfied with it. Besides, looking at these things, it seems that Korea is not yet a developed country LoL.

pRoJEct-BuGsGuy is a bug bounty project within the @Bugs-Guy team. Our team currently consists of web/app/system, but we want to study hard and report vulnerabilities in various fields. Also, We hope that the company that launches various services can provide customers with a slightly safe service because of our team.

And if anyone wants to join us, please feel free to contact me via my email. We are always ready. People who do not break the law, whether Korean or foreign, are always welcome. Our team members can be found here Please contact!